The V-Pot Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Herb Garden


The V-Pot Indoor Herb Garden

Vertical gardening goes far back in time, at least as far back as the Ancient Greeks 3,000 years ago.

This mini, modern version of an ancient classic is powered by a quiet electric pump, enabling you to grow herbs by your window sill.

The benefits are numerous, as listed below. We did lots of testing during the development of the V-Pot herb garden and it really is amazing.

Because the herb’s roots are exposed to the air and also get regular water that cascades down the inside of the main vertical pot they have a very healthy root system.

This combination of nutrients that are taken up immediately plus well-aired roots results in fast-growing, clean herbs that are healthy and pesticide free.

Typically, hydroponically grown herbs are ready for harvest in 25 to 50 percent of the time in comparison to soil grown herbs.

They also use up to 90% less water!


The V-Pot features and benefits

1. Sites for up to 6 different herbs.

2. All herb sites face in a similar direction, so no need to rotate the herb garden.

3. The V-Pot comes with a timer-activated water-pump so that watering of your herbs is entirely automatic and unattended.

4. The pump that the V-Pot herb garden uses is nice and quiet.

5. The V-Pot stays algae-free for months due to regular water movement and fresh air.

6. Takes up far less space in comparison to horizontal herb gardens.

7. Far less messy than soil.

8. Pesticide-free food.

9. Up to 90% less water usage than growing in soil.

10. Faster-growing herbs than with soil, mainly due to excellent root oxygenation and increased uptake of nutrients.

V-Pot indoor vertical hydroponic herb garden
Indoor vertical hydroponic herb garden

The V-Pot System

1. The V-Pot itself, which is comprised of the lower water reservoir, the vertical pot with cap, a pump and a watering tube.

2. An electric timer to control the watering schedule.

3. A 12V, 1A power supply to power the water-pump.

4. 6 x 2″ (50mm) net pots.

5. 6 x planting cubes.

6. A pack of herb seeds.

7. Nutrient solution to last 10 weeks.

8. Instructions for use.

So why not buy a V-Pot and have healthy herbs on hand, every day 🙂

The V-Pot Setup


The V-Pot is an easy to set up and simple to maintain hydroponic growing system designed for herbs.

To set up the system, the first step is to open the reservoir and fill it with 2 liters of tap water.


The next step is to add some nutrient solution to the water and replace the bucket lid.

indoor hydroponic herb garden reservoir

We then take a net pot and a growing cube.


Place  the growing cube inside the net pot


Place the net pot in one of the herb sites.


After you’ve placed the netpots in their sites, place the seeds of your choice in them and place the V-Pot in it’s water reservoir.


Set the provided timer and plug in your V-Pot.


Then just wait for your seeds to germinate and start growing into delicious herbs.


Healthy Herbs On Hand – Every Day